Current Legislation Monitoring

Legislation currently being monitored by the Council.

The Council supports these bills

  • HB1014 - allowing public meetings to be conducted virtually

    By allowing meetings to be conducted virtually, people with IDD can be more actively involved in the legislative process and are better able to share their stories.

  • HB1576 and SB304 - repealing the law relative to certain discrimination in public workplaces and education

    It is important to educate and train the public about the historical marginalization of, and discrimination against, people with disabilities. Educators and public employees should not be barred from, nor subjected to civil liability for engaging in instruction, education or training concerning the historical or current experiences of people with IDD.

  • HB1074 - relative to notice to a chartered public school of a special education services meeting

    This policy would provide comprehensive understanding of the student’s needs by requiring the resident district to invite the chartered public school to IEP meetings and provide notice to all subsequent meetings.

  • HB1428 - relative to the provision of special education services by chartered public schools

    School districts and chartered public schools need to work in a more collaborative and cohesive way so that special education students have the support and services to be successful in school.

  • HB1141 - relative to special education services for children in chartered public school

    The Council believes that resident districts are responsible for providing a free and appropriate public education, for student with disabilities, in the least restrictive environment in which a individualize education program (IEP) can be implemented. Resident districts have the obligation to obtain written consent of the parents of a child with a disability before changing special education and related services.

  • HB1291 - prohibiting discrimination against tenants holding certain vouchers for purposes of renting dwellings

    66% of assisted households are headed by a person with a disability. It is important to prohibit housing discrimination against voucher holders to create more opportunities to find affordable, community-based housing in New Hampshire.

  • HB1531 - establishing an oversight commission regarding effective and coordinated children's services

    The home district is responsible to ensure the supports and services are in place for all special education students. A commission would ensure that the principals of IDEA are upheld.

  • SB430 - relative to health and human services

    Section XIII of SB430 would extend the ability for families to continue to hire members of their own family as personal care attendants (PCAs) after the emergency orders expire. This would relieve the burdens caused by the current workforce shortage.

The Council opposes these bills

  • HB1165 and HB1582 - repealing the Granite State paid family leave plan

    Repealing this bill may limit the ability for those with extenuating health consideration to provide and care for their families or loved ones.


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