Innovation Projects

We want to hear your ideas on projects that you feel will help address disability issues!

The DD Council collaborates on innovative projects that aim to address less obvious barriers to accessing the community, including language, employment, education, recreation, and civic engagement. 

Innovation Project Highlights


logoPositive Street Art 

An artist in residency programming with Opportunity Networks 10 Week intensive covering aspects of mark making and placemaking.

Supporting disabled artists in elevating their facilitation skills in the creative economy in order to lead their own creative programs. Aspiring artists are given the tools needed in order to secure resources, platforms, utilize networks and create body of work in order to exhibit their own series. Clients and assistant artists learn to own their own space and boundaries within the creative networks. while uplifting their own perspective. Clients and supporting artists learn the basics in creating bodies of work and submitting for exhibitions.

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green logo with white textCooper’s Crossroad at Elm Farm

A project for people with and without different kinds of disabilities to be able to increase social interaction, collaboration and food access.

The Food, Farm and Friendship Program at Dusty’s Garden will provide education and engage participants in growing fresh vegetables and perennials.  Participants will be engaged in building/installing beds, selecting vegetables and perennials to grow, planting and caring for seedlings and plants, and harvesting. The beds will be a variety of heights, including raised beds that allow people to use  them while kneeling, standing, or sitting.  The Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS),  a type of augmentative and alternative communication system that uses visual symbols that facilitates intentional, functional communication and allows users to communicate their wants and needs and to engage with others in a meaningful way, will be used to label and identify plants, seeds and other items. 

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Manchester North Little League-Adaptive Sports Program

MNLL, also known as Manchester North Little League, is a community-focused non-profit organization in Manchester, New Hampshire.

MNLL strives to create an atmosphere of inclusivity and respite for people with disabilities, homelessness, food insecurity, and a variety of demographics in need. They currently run an Adaptive Sports department that encompasses a variety of different sports program. Their sports program has also had success in implementing successful events for the Blind Soccer and our Amputee Soccer programs.

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