Council Members

The Council recruits and interviews potential members and makes recommendations to the Governor for appointment to three-year terms.

Roughly one-third of our members are people with developmental disabilities and one-third are parents or guardians of people with developmental disabilities. The others represent agencies required by state and federal law. When recruiting potential members, the Council seeks those who are committed to working to improve the lives of all people with developmental disabilities statewide. We strive for membership that is diverse and representative of the state. We have four engaging committees to get you involved:

  1. Policy – Keeps the Council updated on laws and policies that affect people with developmental disabilities and their families. Helps the Council develop its official position on any changes.
  2. Member Relations – Helps Council members to remain active and engaged and recruits new members.
  3. Finance – Monitors the Council’s budget to make sure it aligns with the five-year plan.
  4. Program and Planning – Advises the Council on the Small Grant Program and approves applications.

Council Members

  • Tim Houle, Council Chair

    Newmarket, NH
  • Jean Crouch, Council Vice-Chair, Member Relations Committee Chair

    Health & Human Services Bureau of Elderly and Adult Services

    Concord, NH

  • Alyssa Antman

    Concord, NH
  • Suzanne Austin

    Center for Life Management

    Derry, NH
  • Abigail Conger

    Bureau of Developmental Services

    Concord, NH
  • Denis Greenwood

    Concord, NH
  • Martha Hickey

    Bow, NH
  • Nicole Mello

    Henniker, NH
  • Tammy Mills

    Plainfield, NH
  • Stephanie Patrick

    Disability Rights Center, NH

    Concord, NH
  • Danielle Pelletier

    Department of Education

    Bureau of Special Education

    Concord, NH
  • Michele Petersen

    New Boston, NH
  • James Piet, Finance Committee Chair

    NH Dept. of Education

    Adult Learning & Rehab (VR)

    Concord, NH
  • Jennifer Pineo, Program and Planning Committee Chair

    NH Family Voices

    Concord, NH
  • Patricia Vincent-Piet

    Concord, NH
  • Sarah Sadowski, Policy Committee Chair

    Institute on Disability

    Concord, NH
  • Arielle Van de Water

    Goffstown, NH
  • Frank Vinceguerra

    Concord, NH
  • Alexis Wayland

    Private Provider Network

    Manchester, NH