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Events and programs of interest to the developmental disability community.

Person Centered Planning
We support person centered planning as a practice that ensures that disabled people are free to choose how they live, work, and play in their community. We participate in educating and advocating this practice when engaging with our community leaders, legislators, and state agencies.
Stop Special Campaign
The state’s DD Partners have teamed up to launch an awareness campaign to invite conversation around the use of the word “special”. We support disabled people who find this euphemism offensive and othering. It is our hope that with time, we can eliminate the term “special” when talking about disabled people in education, employment, and in everyday life.
Voting Rights
We believe that everyone deserves the right to vote in an independent and accessible way. We continue to work with stakeholders and voting rights organizations to ensure that the Granite State continues to improve the accessibility of its voting process.
Supported Decision Making
The NHCDD has been a leading advocate for Supported Decision Making as an alternative to guardianship. We support initiatives that continue to build the framework needed for all parties to understand this right and how to best use it for the benefit of disabled people and their families.
Universal Changing Stations
We believe that community inclusion includes the right to use the bathroom safely and with dignity. We work with and have granted seed funding to the newly formed NH chapter of Changing Spaces. We successfully advocated for making this a policy priority for the National Association of Councils on Developmental Disabilities.

We welcome collaboration with disability adjacent organizations and agencies who would like to develop programming that aligns with any of our 5-year plan goals. If you have questions about any upcoming events, please contact our Director of Policy and Planning, Vanessa Blais, at or 603-271-7040.


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Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

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Policy/Civic Engagement


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Direct Support Issues

Inclusive Employment



Safety and Well-Being

  • Sexuality and Wellness Trainings for Individuals with ID/DD
  • Domestic and Sexual Violence Awareness Trainings for Individuals with ID/DD
  • Bystander Trainings for Individuals with ID/DD
  • NH Human Trafficking Awareness Trainings for Individuals with ID/DD
  • NAMI NH Suicide Prevention Conference


  • NH Assistive Technology Fair
  • Advocate NH Conference

State Pride Events

  • rainbow treeQueen City Pride, Manchester
  • green and blue logoSeacoast Outright Pride, Portsmouth