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Welcome to the NH Council on Developmental Disabilities

“Dignity, full rights of citizenship, cultural diversity, equal opportunity, and full participation for all NH citizens with developmental disabilities.”

The New Hampshire Council on Developmental Disabilities is a federally funded agency that supports public policies and initiatives that remove barriers and promote opportunities in all areas of life. The Council is independent of the agencies that provide services to people with disabilities. The Council develops a State Plan every five years to establish specific goals, objectives and strategies to address the most important issues affecting people with developmental disabilities in New Hampshire. The Council carries out its mission through education, advocacy and the funding of innovative projects that make a difference in people's lives.

Notice of Funding Availability

Expanding the Public Health Workforce within the Disability Network: DD Councils

NHCDD Request for Proposals (RFP) funding up to $83,569 for recruiting, hiring, and training public health workers to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic and prepare for future public health challenges.

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The deadline for receiving proposals is May 20, 2022. You may request hard copies by contacting Vanessa Blais at 603-271-7040 or

A Message in Solidarity Against Systemic Racism

The NH Council on Developmental Disabilities cannot stay silent about the recent, and historic, murders of black Americans at the hands of law enforcement. We are disheartened by those injustices as we advocate for equal access and protection for all people. Many in the disability community face multiple barriers to inclusion and belonging. Because disability cuts across all demographics, we support the demands for justice across the nation.

With the help of many disability advocacy groups, the Consortium for Citizens with Disabilities (CCD) drafted and released a statement mourning the murders of Black people by police, names the relationship between racism and ableism, and identifies initial steps the coalition will take to address this intersection. We stand behind their statements and call for systemic equity for all marginalized citizens. You can read the full CCD statement at TASC Training and Advocacy Support Center (


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New Hampshire Council on Developmental Disabilities Selects Disability Rights Center-NH to promote the use of Supported Decision-Making as an Alternative to Guardianship, Harbor Care to Help the Community Combat COVID-19

The New Hampshire Council on Developmental Disabilities is pleased to announce that Disability Rights Center-NH has been selected as the recipient of the grant for promoting and advocating for the use of supported decision-making as an alternative to guardianship for individuals with developmental and other disabilities.

This grant is given to increase awareness of guardianship alternatives among the judiciary, New Hampshire Bar, service providers and families. It will aid in integrating supported decision making into New Hampshire’s system of service delivery and planning for people with disabilities and older adults.

Stephanie Patrick, Executive Director of DRC-NH, states, “We are excited to expand the use of supported decision-making across New Hampshire by providing support and information to people with disabilities, family members, and others as they navigate the development of supported decision-making agreements.

These agreements are critical to protecting the rights of people with disabilities to control their own lives and make their own decisions. We thank the NH Council on Developmental Disabilities for supporting this project.”

The DD Council is pleased to announce that Harbor Care of Nashua, NH has been selected as the recipient of a grant for helping the community combat COVID-19.

This grant is given to build capacity to deliver vaccinations at home to those who have faced barriers to accessing this health service. Harbor Care intends to use its already established networks to optimize delivery of this service. They will also work with existing partners to reach at-risk individuals outside of their agency.

These grant funds were made possible through a partnership of the Administration for Community Living and the Center for Disease Control.


We are Soliciting Smile Award Nominations!

The DD Council feels that it is important to recognize that quality of life for people with developmental disabilities means more than access to housing, healthcare, and employment. It also means enjoying the good things in life, such as taking advantage of New Hampshire’s abundant opportunities to engage with nature. The Council created the Smile Award to recognize initiatives that make outdoor recreation accessible.

Past Winners:

people surfing
Surfing with Smiles

a park map
Friends of White Park Trust, Concord
a trail aisgn on a tree
The Nature Conservancy at NH

The nomination form can be filled out online at:

Contact Vanessa Blais at or 603-271-7040