Large Demonstration Grants

The NHCDD occasionally solicits RFPs (Request for Proposals) to assist in projects or programs with the goal of increasing capacity and developing best practices in eliminating barriers for people with disabilities in areas such as managing health care, education, transportation, and advocacy, or any other goal that aligns with the current state plan.

Be sure to check our website and social media channels for RFP requests.

Demonstration Projects

$50,000 to Center for Life Management and Community Crossroads to implement new strategies that address the needs of individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities and mental health needs. This will include training to increase capacity in the system and data collection in hopes of expanding this innovative service approach throughout the state of New Hampshire.

$50,000 to University of New Hampshire to help provide Post-Secondary educational opportunities for individuals with intellectual disabilities. The UNH-4U pilot project will aid in the development and implementation of Think College National Standards for a cohort of individuals with labels of intellectual disability.

Large Grants

$40,000 to Refurbished Equipment Marketplace (REM) for assisting individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities in purchasing, servicing, and in delivery of REM equipment. With this grant, Refurbished Equipment Marketplace will be able to continue to assist individuals with I/DD in obtaining and sustaining necessary devices and equipment that will further their independence and quality of life.

$20,000 to the NH Leadership Series for training using the Partners in Policymaking model, developing leaders who are committed to supporting people with disabilities and their families in their communities.

New Hampshire Council on Developmental Disabilities Selects Disability Rights Center-NH to promote the use of Supported Decision-Making as an Alternative to Guardianship, Harbor Care to Help the Community Combat COVID-19

The New Hampshire Council on Developmental Disabilities is pleased to announce that Disability Rights Center-NH has been selected as the recipient of the grant for promoting and advocating for the use of supported decision-making as an alternative to guardianship for individuals with developmental and other disabilities.

This grant is given to increase awareness of guardianship alternatives among the judiciary, New Hampshire Bar, service providers and families. It will aid in integrating supported decision making into New Hampshire’s system of service delivery and planning for people with disabilities and older adults.

Stephanie Patrick, Executive Director of DRC-NH, states, “We are excited to expand the use of supported decision-making across New Hampshire by providing support and information to people with disabilities, family members, and others as they navigate the development of supported decision-making agreements.

These agreements are critical to protecting the rights of people with disabilities to control their own lives and make their own decisions. We thank the NH Council on Developmental Disabilities for supporting this project.”

The DD Council is pleased to announce that Harbor Care of Nashua, NH has been selected as the recipient of a grant for helping the community combat COVID-19.

This grant is given to build capacity to deliver vaccinations at home to those who have faced barriers to accessing this health service. Harbor Care intends to use its already established networks to optimize delivery of this service. They will also work with existing partners to reach at-risk individuals outside of their agency.

These grant funds were made possible through a partnership of the Administration for Community Living and the Center for Disease Control.