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“People with disabilities contribute to each other and society, and self-advocacy is a point of pride that highlights the power that people with disabilities have when they join together. “
John Smith, “The Culture of Self-Advocacy”

The Council has been charged through the Developmental Disabilities Act to support advocacy organizations throughout the state of New Hampshire. The NHCDD believes in recognizing the importance of intersectional advocacy, believing that disability rights are civil rights and the dream of full inclusion can only be accomplished when we are ALL living self-determined, quality lives.

People First Meeting dates

People First Logo

People First of New Hampshire

PFNH’s mission is to be multicultural champions of equality who advocate for people with disabilities to achieve their full potential. PFNH believes that all people should:

  • be treated as equals
  • have the right to make decisions
  • have the same choices and responsibilities as everyone else
  • be allowed to form and foster relationships
  • have the right to live where they want, and work where they want
  • should be fully included in our communities

2022 People First of NH meeting schedule


Kelly Ehrhart, President


SALT 2020 Annual Report Cover SALT meeting datesSelf-Advocacy Leadership Team (SALT) is a task force of People First of NH that is committed to supporting people who experience disabilities by being part of the solution to issues that prevent ALL people from living life to its fullest. SALT members serve as consultants to the Council, the Institute on Disability, the Disability Rights Center, and other disability adjacent organizations in New Hampshire. Members are experienced in legislative advocacy, working with the DD Council Policy Director to track bills and educate decision makers on the impact that policies have on the lives of people with disabilities.


Kathy Bates, Facilitator

Advocate NH logoAdvocate NH is a group of community members, professionals, people with disabilities, people who advocate for disability rights and who work to make our community inclusive. Advocate NH wants New Hampshire to be a great place to live, learn, work, and play for people with disabilities. Advocate NH’s primary efforts are centered in coordinating the Annual Learn It! Live It! Love It! Conference by people with disabilities, for people with disabilities.


Other Advocacy Groups


ABLE NH is a non-profit grassroots organization dedicated to working toward equality & advocating for the civil and human rights of individuals and families with disabilities.


ABLE (Advocates Building Lasting Equality) advocates for the human and civil rights of all children and adults with disabilities and promotes full participation by improving systems of supports, connecting families, inspiring communities and influencing public policy.

Projects & Events

Annual ABLE/Leadership Golf Tournament

More Information

Understanding Advocacy through the DD Council Lens

ASAN Toolkit

ASAN A Self Advocates Guide to the Americans with Disabilities Act


A smiling man holding a microphoneHear advocate Max Barrows share his employment experiences and his thoughts on the benefits of inclusive workplaces.