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The NHCDD would like to introduce their new podcast, That’s Inclusive!

We want to talk about disability and what it means to live a full life engaging in our communities. What does that look like? And how can we work together to make our world a more inclusive place?

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Dec 21 • 00:58

An introduction to what you can expect from episodes of "That's Inclusive!" Conversations with the DD Council about what inclusive living really means for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

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Episode 20: Interview with Jessica Goff from Seacoast Outrightseacoast outright parade

In this episode Vanessa talks with Jessica Goff from Seacoast Outright about their intention to make the Portsmouth Pride event an intersectional and accessible space to celebrate who we are.  

Learn More: 
Seacoast Outright
Portsmouth Pride



Episode 19: Access to Science with SEE Science Center and orange see center logoUnchartered Tutoring 

In this episode, Chase talks with Peter Gustafson and Shana Hawrylchak from the SEE Science Center and Amber Nicole Cannan from Unchartered Tutoring about the importance of inclusion and accessibility in scientific spaces.

Learn More: 
SEE Science Center
Unchartered Tutoring white logo for uncharted



Episode 18: DD Partners introduce the Stop Special Campaignlogo of stop special campaign

The Directors of the DD Act Partnership, Isadora Rodriguez-Legendre, Stephanie Patrick, and Kelly Nye Lengerman discuss the launch of our Stop Special Campaign advocating for evolving the language we use when talking about disability.

Historically, the term “special” was used as a euphemism for disability. Over time it has embedded itself in policy, laws, and professional titles. Many in the disability community find this term offensive and “othering”.  Join us in talking to our communities about leaving the word special behind when talking about disability. 

Learn More: 
Stop Special Campaign
New Hampshire Council for Developmental Disabilities
Disability Rights Center of New Hampshire
Institute on Disability - University of New Hampshire



Autism Awareness Month Bonus Episode: Being an Autistic Writer in Hollywood with Paul Philbentwo young men pose in front of a Shrek statue

This episode contains adult language. Please be advised. 

In this bonus episode, Blake interviews Paul Philben, from MidKidd Productions and Netflix, about what it is like to be an autistic writer in Hollywood.

Transcript. This episode contains adult language. Please be advised. 





Episode 17: Sarah Tollefsen from ABLE NHa woman in a jean jacket smiles at the viewer

In this episode ABLE NH director, Sarah Tollefsen, speaks with Isadora about ABLE NH’s task forces and the work they are doing to bring grassroots advocacy to the community. 

Learn more: 
Able NH
Advocate NH Conference on October 4, 2024, in Concord, NH – more details to come



Episode 16: Adaptive Sports Partners of the North Country kelly starr dressed in skiing gear

In this episode, Chase talks with Kelly Starr, director of Adaptive Sports Partners of the North Country about the important role that sports serves in creating inclusive communities. 

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Adaptive Sports Partners 




Episode 15: Storytelling Through Mediaa smiling woman wearing headphones in the recording studio

In this episode Vanessa and Pat discuss storytelling through media platforms and how advocates can use these channels to elevate their voices and effect change.

Learn More: 
Jim and Pat, You Tube Channel



Episode 14: Mental Health and Disability Collaborative Caretwo women sit opposite each other in a recording audioboo

In this episode Isadora talks with advocate Kelly Ehrhart and Julie Lago of Center for Life Management about the collaborative care model that is changing the way disabled people with mental health needs receives care in our system. 

Learn more: 
What is Continuum of Collaborative Care? A specialized approach that coordinates care across services and providers for better person-centered outcomes of services. 
Center for Life Management
Community Crossroads



Episode 13: Including Disability in DEI a man smiles at the camera, wearing a blue shirt and navy suit jacket

In this episode, Isadora talks with Ernesto Burden, publisher of 603 Diversity Magazine and advocate for inclusive community spaces.

Learn more: 

•    603 Diversity Magazine

•    Yankee Publishing

•    Uninclusive Inclusion: Intersectionality That Forgets People with Disability




Episode 12: Voter Access

In this episode, Vanessa and Chase talk with Disability Rights NH attorney James Ziegra about the good, the bad, and the ugly picture of voting access in NH.  a man with a button down shirt and bright yellow tie smiles at the viewer

Learn more: 





Episode 11: Being a Family Caregiver

In this episode Pat interviews Sarah Sadowski, photo portrait of blonde woman smiling warmlyparent of a child with a disability and DD Council Member. Pat and Sarah discuss taking on the role of family caregiving and the effects of the paid caregiver crisis.  

Learn more: 

Caregiver's Conference (
Caregiving 101: On Being a Caregiver - Family Caregiver Alliance





Episode 10: Taking Part in Democracy

two women campaign for Olivia Zink with umbrellas and election signsIn this episode Pat interviews Olivia Zink. Olivia is the executive director for Open Democracy NH. Pat and Olivia discuss all things democracy in the Granite State. They cover:

  • Changes to absentee voting since the end of the pandemic
  • Efforts to strengthen the democratic process
  • The effect of money in politics
  • Accessible voting options
  • And at least one surprise!

Learn more:

Open Democracy NH
Voting scorecards - Open Democracy Action
Voting Accessibility in NH (



Episode 9: Bonus Episode Sheila Vargas, All Access Trails

Sheila Vargas outside portraitSheila Vargas, the Community Partnerships Manager at the Nature Conservancy, talks with Blake Tyler about involving the community in planning accessible outdoor recreation, how preset notions send a false message that nature is only for certain people, and how the work to make the outdoors more inclusive to everyone continues.

Learn more:
The Nature Conservancy in NH

The Cedar Swamp All Persons Trail

The All Persons Trail at Ossipee Pine Barrens




Episode 8: Ableism and Inspiration Porn

That’s Inclusive! hosts Isadora, Patricia and Vanessa discuss inspiration porn. What it is, how we identify it, how it distracts from addressing real barriers, and how it needs to go away.

Learn more:
Stella Young: I am Not Your Inspiration, Thank You Very Much

Excerpt from: How to talk about disability sensitively and avoid ableist tropes by Shruti Rajkumar



Episode 7: Interview with Parent AdvocateCarrie Duran

smiling person with long blond hairParent advocate, Carrie Duran and NHCDD Executive Director, Isadora Rodriguez-Legendre, talk about helping disabled young people navigate learning about sex and relationships..



Episode 6: Interview with Jean Crouch, Chair of the NHCDD representing the Department of Elderly and Adult Services

Jean Crouch talks with Patricia Vincent-Piet about becoming a council member and the importance of having healthy aging issues at the table. 



Episode 5: Interview with Arielle Van de Water on the Intersection of Developmental Disability and Mental Health

graphic with two hands holding a heart with a family inside Transcript 

Arielle Van de Water and Isadora Rodriguez-Legendre discuss the intersection of autism and mental health and the value of having people "in your corner" while being your authentic self.


Episode 4: Parents with Disabilities

smiling person with long blonde hair and wearing a white sweater. The background has a blue sky and tree branches. Katelin Garland and Patricia Vincent-Piet, a mother-daughter team, discuss Katelin’s experience growing up with parents who have disabilities.


Disclaimer: some topics discussed in the episode may be upsetting to some listeners.


Episode 3: Interview with Nicole Sheaff

Nicole head shotIn this episode we hear from Nicole Sheaff, a parent advocate who had to learn to navigate the education and services systems to provide support for her 4 children, who have mental health and developmental disabilities. 

Learn more about:
Disability Rights Center NH
Parent Information Center

Interview with Nicole Sheaff - transcript


Episode 2: Disability Life in NH with Patricia Vincent-Piet

In this episode, New Hampshire Advocate, You Tuber and DD Council member, Patricia Vincent-Piet talks about the challenges of life in the Granite State for people with disabilities. She touches on housing, transportation, visit-ability, and ableism.

two people close together smiling. One has a brown ponytail and is wearing a white top. The other has short hair and is wearing glasses and a light shirt.Jim and Pat Piet You Tube Channel

Pat’s contact information:

NHCDD website



Episode 1: Interview with NHCDD Executive Director, Isadora Rodriguez-Legendre

In our first full-length episode, Vanessa Blais talks with the Executive Director of the NHCDD, Isadora Rodriguez-Legendre, about the work of the council and how to get involved in advocating for a more inclusive world.

NHCDD website:

NHCDD 5-year plan:

Isadora’s contact information:

Do you want to know more about Supported Decision Making?

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Executive Director of the NHCDD, Isadora Rodriguez-Legendre       Director of Policy and Planning, Vanessa Blais

With the Executive Director of the NHCDD, Isadora Rodriguez-Legendre and Director of Policy and Planning, Vanessa Blais


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