That’s Inclusive! Podcast

The NHCDD would like to introduce their new podcast, That’s Inclusive!

We want to talk about disability and what it means to live a full life engaging in our communities. What does that look like? And how can we work together to make our world a more inclusive place?

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Dec 21 • 00:58

An introduction to what you can expect from episodes of "That's Inclusive!" Conversations with the DD Council about what inclusive living really means for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

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Episode 4: Parents with Disabilities

smiling person with long blonde hair and wearing a white sweater. The background has a blue sky and tree branches. Katelin Garland and Patricia Vincent-Piet, a mother-daughter team, discuss Katelin’s experience growing up with parents who have disabilities.

Parents with Disabilities Transcript

Disclaimer: some topics discussed in the episode may be upsetting to some listeners.


Episode 3: Interview with Nicole Sheaff

Nicole head shotIn this episode we hear from Nicole Sheaff, a parent advocate who had to learn to navigate the education and services systems to provide support for her 4 children, who have mental health and developmental disabilities. 

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Disability Rights Center NH:
Parent Information Center:

Interview with Nicole Sheaff - transcript


Episode 2: Disability Life in NH with Patricia Vincent-Piet

In this episode, New Hampshire Advocate, You Tuber and DD Council member, Patricia Vincent-Piet talks about the challenges of life in the Granite State for people with disabilities. She touches on housing, transportation, visit-ability, and ableism.

two people close together smiling. One has a brown ponytail and is wearing a white top. The other has short hair and is wearing glasses and a light shirt.Jim and Pat Piet You Tube Channel:

Pat’s contact information:

NHCDD website:

Disability Life in NH with Patricia Vincent-Piet - transcript


Episode 1: Interview with NHCDD Executive Director, Isadora Rodriguez-Legendre

In our first full-length episode, Vanessa Blais talks with the Executive Director of the NHCDD, Isadora Rodriguez-Legendre, about the work of the council and how to get involved in advocating for a more inclusive world.

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Isadora’s contact information:

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Executive Director of the NHCDD, Isadora Rodriguez-Legendre       Director of Policy and Planning, Vanessa Blais

With the Executive Director of the NHCDD, Isadora Rodriguez-Legendre and Director of Policy and Planning, Vanessa Blais


Concord t v channels 6, 17, qnd 22. Your community media centerThat’s Inclusive! is possible with the support of Josh Hardy and Concord TV. The views of our guests are personal and do not necessarily represent those of the DD Council.

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